Columbia College Chicago?! :)

<p>I Know There's Already A Thread About This School But I Want My Own! I Was Looking Into This School And I've Noticed Its A Non Audition Musical Theatre Program Which Is A Big Plus For Me! I Just Want More Info About The Program And How Intense It Is! I Like To Be Challenged And I Hope I Find That At Columbia! C:</p>

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<p>To be quite honest it's not very intense at all. I went to Columbia for year and transferred to Webster Conservatory. I'm sure you will definitely learn something from the program, but as for it being intense, I would say no. Personally I didn't feel challenged. Most of the teachers weren't completely qualified. There are three of four teachers who were great, but the majority were aspiring actors/performers themselves, who hadn't done much. Plus the size of the department was out of hand.</p>