Columbia College ED

<p>Hi, guys... I go to a magnet high school in New York City and possess a legacy to both Columbia College and the graduate school. All the courses at my school are all honors. My school goes from seventh to twelfth grade. We are unranked...</p>

<p>SAT I: 1560, Math (800), Verbal (760)
Expected SAT IIs:
Writing: 760
Math IIC: 780
US History: 780
US History--5</p>

<p>Unweighed Average: ~3.7
Weighed Average: Unknown</p>

<p>Classes Last Year:
AP Macro and Microeconomics
AP US History
English 11th grade
Extended Honors Math 11th Grade

<p>Classes Now:
AP Chemistry
AP Statistics
AP BC Calculus
AP Logic and Composition
Hunter Scholars Program (Internship Program--Working at Morgan Stanley)
Maybe Intermediate Chinese at Hunter College for Second Semester</p>

New York Youth Symphony Orchestra Program
New York Youth Symphony Chamber Music Program
Manhattan School of Music: Preparatory Division (2004)
Juilliard School: Pre-College Division (2002-2004)
Bloomingdale School of Music: MAP (2002-2004)
High School Band, Orchestra (2000-2004)
Junior Orchestra (2000-2001)
Swimming Team (1999-2002)
Tennis Team (1999-2001)
Observer (School Newspaper) Staff Writer (2003-)
Radicals (Math Magazine) Staff Writer (2003-)
Carnegie Mellon University: Summer Academy for Math and Science (2004)--Advanced Calculus, Electrical and Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Writing Seminar)
Math Team (1999-2001)</p>

<p>Strong Recommendations</p>

<p>Very very good. I would be surprised if you don't get in.</p>

<p>We're not a magnet school... we're a lab school</p>

<p>Thomas... Does it matter... However, our school is NOT a lab school.</p>