Columbia College/SEAS division question


<p>Does Columbia offer interdisciplinary studies between the SEAS and College? You see, I'm currently an English/BME major and I am interested in transferring to Columbia during the fall year; I am wondering whether I should apply to SEAS or the College. I'm thinking that SEAS is a little bit easier to get into and offers BME but would they accept my English credit hours? On the other hand the College is quite difficult to get into but offers an English major. Is it possible to double major in Colubmia, between two schools?</p>


<p>Not a double major no, but you can do a Major in SEAS and a concentration (minor) from the college. Add in the humanities core requirements for SEAS with the minor and you'll have plenty of english. And at any rate a double major just wouldnt be feasible in SEAS, you'd have to take like 8 classes a semester.</p>

<p>Thanks for the information Ivyman1,</p>

<p>Just one more quick question, if I am in SEAS am I allowed to take classes at CC and vice versa, or are the colleges entirely seperate?</p>

<p>thanks again</p>

<p>Many classes have students from both CC and SEAS.</p>

<p>(with the exception of hardcore engineering classes like Gateway)</p>