Columbia ED

<p>Hi, What do you think my chances are Early Decision?
White Male, Public school in Boca Raton, Florida</p>

<p>Rank: 16/550 (top 3 percent)
SAT I ( took twice, highest math-710, highest verbal-800)-1510 cumulative (1410 and 1420 separately)
GPA(weighted, unweighted)- 4.42, 3.97</p>

<p>Courses( middles school ones are high school credit)
Algebra I Honors (A/B)
Integrated Science(A/A)
20th Century World History (A/A)
Spanish I (A/A)
Geometry Honors (B/B)
Algebra II H (A/A)
Journalism (A/A)
Speech/World Geography (A/A)
Spanish 2 H (A/A)
Mass Media/Weight Training (A/A)
Earth Space Science H (A/A)
English (gifted) (A/A)
English (gifted) A/A
Precalculus (B/A)- only b in actual high school
World History H (A/A)
Life Mgmt/P.E (A/A)
Biology H (A/A)
Spanish 3 H (A/A)
AP English (A/A/5)
AP US History (A/A/4)
AP Calculus AB (A/A/4)
Psychology 1/2 (A/A)
Chemistry H (A/A)
Newspaper Honors (A/A)
Spanish 4 H (A/A)
AP ENglish 12
Economics H/ AP American Govt
Physics Hon
Newspaper honors
AP Statistics
AP Psychology</p>

-Write in teen section of biggest South Florida Newspaper, School newspaper, Treasurer of Model U.N, Book Club(Charter Member), Math Academic Games, NHS, Spanish NHS, Mu Alpha Theta (Math NHS)</p>

<p>Good recommendations from my two teachers ("one of the top few students i have met in my 22-year teaching career" lol), haven't gotten one yet from my guidance counselor.</p>

<p>Good, not great essays</p>

<p>65% chance.</p>

<p>haha-what an odd number.</p>

<p>Just out of interest, do you have a lobotomized counselor in your basement, feeding him all the data you can soak up on these forums and getting the exact answers back here? ;)</p>

<p>are you talking to bbtvector or me?</p>

<p>To whomever gives out exact probabilities of admission ;)</p>

<p>well. since we are giving percentages: 90%</p>

<p>sorry. not 90%, but more like the log of 26 times ln of 18 divided by the sin of 18. </p>


<p>seriously: i think you are in eazy!</p>

<p>REALLY? I'm not one of these people posting all these 800's and number 1 bing neurotic about it- I honestly don't think I have that good a chance of getting in (20 percent at best). My EC's are nothing special</p>

<p>any other opinions?</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>"Just out of interest, do you have a lobotomized counselor in your basement, feeding him all the data you can soak up on these forums and getting the exact answers back here?"</p>


<p>Thought so ;)</p>

<p>Freakish: A 20% chance is already an insanely high one, considering they only admit ten percent or so of the applicant pool. Your SAT is awesome, but the course load is not. The grades might compensate for that, however.</p>

<p>I'm serious about my comment above.</p>

<p>Anyways, you have a very good chance - course load - yes I notice it now. That might hurt if it's not MRA...</p>

<p>l beleive the percentage is rand(.00001,99.99999)% i kno how some of you are thinking how could he come up with sutch a great answer or pssht hes no where close. beleive me this data came with intense scientific study, but unfortunatly it is only accurated +-0.000001 alas no perfect data came from this.</p>

<p>50% chance
Yea, you could get in,maybe you won't, my course load is similar to yours, at my school it's the toughest though, so is your coure load the toughest at your school? that could make a difference</p>

<p>its not THE toughest.its up'there. I coulde dobuled up on sciences and ended up taking AP chem bio, physics, ... There's also AP languages, and AP world history and ap european history, and AP art, but because I'm in newspaper and high math classes everyyear, if I had taken any of the history (besides US) or science AP's, I wouldnt have been able to take more than 2 years of spanish or be in newspaper.</p>

<p>bump- more opinions appreciated...also, bbvector, whats MRA?</p>