columbia, ed?

<p>white, female
gpa - 3.73 unweighted; 4.05 weighted
all as/b+s, with 2 b- in honors math/sciences
SAT: 2200; 710 cr, 690 m, 800 w, essay 10
ACT: 31
sat II: 720 lit, 790 us
major: pre-law
extra curriculars:
model un team captain
site leader for weekly tutoring sessions with underprivileged kids
volunteer at boys & girls club & started volunteer club for it at my school (received award for it)
summer mission trip
christmas mission trip
volunteer at summer camp for the disabled
french honors society</p>

<p>ed for columbia?
or regular for nyu, brown, georgetown?</p>

<p>We sorta have similar stats. From what the people that chanced me said (as well as my own opinions), you could get into columbia ed, but it may be a bit hard. regular decision, however, I don't think so unless you have great essays and recs.

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<p>GPA and test scores are definitely too low.</p>

<p>disagree. Gpa is somewhat low (depending what scale you used, use the one provided by collegeboard), but tests are fine.</p>

<p>i forgot to mention my summer internship with a community service organization</p>

<p>Those B-'s kinda don't look so good.</p>