columbia engineering much easier to get into?

<p>Why is the early acceptance rate for Columbia SEAS like 50%???</p>

<p>Is this because not many people apply here, or was it actually easy to get accepted to?</p>

<p>Self-selectivity, i.e., less really bad applicants is a major factor.</p>

<p>Engineering school acceptance rates are notoriously higher than those at colleges of arts and sciences because people who want to go into SEAS are very passionate about math/science and are therefore typically good students. Many applicants to liberal arts colleges aren't passionate about anything.</p>

<p>The SAT Average for the Engineering school is much higher than the College, so it's not like there's a lesser quality student. Also, there's a high volume of international students in SEAS (makes sense--math and science translates pretty easily.)</p>

<p>Frankly speaking, yes. Why? because it has fewer number of applicants, therefore it is more likely to get into it. HOWEVER, as mentioned above, the kids who apply to it have really high stats. For example, three of my friends who got As in the most selective high school and 5s on AP exams got rejected from it. (one of them got into MIT and other two got into UPENN instead) on the other hand, i seem some stupid kids who luckily got into CC.</p>

<p>Actually, the admissions rate is 22.7% (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;.&lt;/p>