Columbia Financial Aid Increasing?


A self-described "mega-anonymous" tipster informs Bwog that CC and SEAS will be annnouncing a "huge" change in financial aid, tomorrow or late today. (GS's change will be of a more minor nature).


The</a> Bwog: Major Change in Financial Aid</p>

<p>I just hope Columbia becomes need blind for Internationals... it would help...</p>

<p>I hadn't known that Columbia was need-sensitive for Internationals. I sort of understand the reasoning, but I'm still kind of surprised.</p>

<p>god i hope this passes...
my family is in the middle high income bracket and we could really use some financial aid</p>

<p>anyone have any news on this?</p>

<p>yeah...definitely am not seeing anything on Columbia's website...</p>


The University’s highly anticipated announcement of a new financial aid plan—a response many say is crucial in the wake of similar announcements by Columbia’s peer schools—will be delayed until early next week.


Campus</a> Awaits Announcement of New Aid Plan | Columbia Spectator</p>

<p>please something for int'l..</p>

<p>I've heard about other Ivies eliminating tuition entirely for students whose parents make less than $50-60,000 a year (I don't recall the exact numbers now, sorry). I know that giving out grants only for anyone making less than $50,000 per year is already a really good deal, but I'd like to see Columbia take that next step.</p>

<p>I read yesterday in the Daily Journal that Columbia was increasing FA, following suit with all the Ivies, to stay competitive. The author compared this to a nuclear arms race lol i think that's pretty fitting. Anyways, the article cited an insider commenting that Columbia's change in FA was minuscule compared to HYPS. But hey Columbia's endowment isnt that much and it's spending billions expanding(even though the dorms/bathrooms are pretty horrendous). I just hope i get SOME money.</p>

<p>I visited NYC yesterday with a few friends and got a look at one of their best dorms(it's a single). Man, it was absolutely amazing. Huge windows looking out to the city, high ceilings, everything brand spankin new. It seriously was comparable to a 4 star hotel... </p>

<p>Columbia on the other hand...</p>

<p>I think the only bathrooms worse than the bathrooms in Mudd in Columbia are those like in port authority(which are soooo disgusting)</p>

<p>Increasing? Hopefully they'll follow Harvard's 10% policy...</p>

<p>Columbia won't be following Harvard anytime soon. Just don't have the resources. I'm curious to see what kind of expanded aid they come up with.</p>

<p>How come Dartmouth is need blind to internationals with a $3.76 billion endowment whereas Columbia isn't with nearly twice that amount ($7.15 billion)?</p>

<p>OK, I'll partially eat my words. Columbia</a> News ::: Columbia Expands Financial Aid</p>

<p>They did up the ante significantly. But I was right- they don't have the resources. They'll be drawing down the endowment by a little bit until they finish the capital campaign fundraising for financial aid.</p>

<p>Dartmouth may have half the endowment, but it also has less than 1/4 as many total students. Do the math.</p>

<p>It expanded *woot!</p>


<p>i can tell this to my parents now :D</p>

<p>Rock on! GS increased it's FA budget by a whole million. That translates to about 1k more per semester. Can you feel the love? Alas, can't transfer to SEAS for another year.</p>

<p>"For example, a family with $75,000 in income and with typical assets will see their parent contribution decrease by approximately one-half as compared to current financial aid policies."</p>

<p>ahahahah! this is me! congratulations 2008. we are so lucky....good year to enroll!</p>

<p>i dont see a friggin penny =/
way to get my hopes up columbia</p>

<p>What does "typical assets" mean?</p>

<p>typical assets means basically just a house and three cars or something like that, no rental property or anything of that sorts</p>