Columbia General Studies 2020 Spring

Hi all!
Let’s quick start! Here we go!!!

If I don’t get in for Fall 2019 I will definitely be reapplying ED Spring 2020.

I’ve been accepted for the fall 2019 semester but plan on deferring to the spring 2020

Current GPA: 3.98 (60 credits)
GPA when I applied: 4.0 (45 credits)
Credits accepted by Columbia: 36 out of 45 (not updated)
High school GPA: 3.0
Extracurricular: Phi theta kappa, Army Veteran (4 years, medic), psychology club
SAT: horrible scores below average (waaaaaay below average), 11 years ago
Essay: answered the essay prompts in order but also focused on specific programs offered at Columbia and how it’ll help me with my career

Hi Jennysong, I’m a transfer student from a four-year college, having finished a semester there. Do you think my chance is low as I don’t have enough credits? I only have 18, with 3.9 GPA.

Can you share your stats with us?

Mine looks like this.
No SATs or ACTs. (International student)
GPA: 3.9 from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
EC: Alpha Kappa Psi Business Frat.
Investment Club Analyst
Bootcamp for financial modeling
Intern in a small private equity firm. (doing it now for this summer)
Taking an Excel course and finance knowledge course from BIWS(Breaking into Wall Street)

Vice President in student council
Youth Press
Youth Congress Member

Fun fact: I was a youth national Go (Chinese Chess) Champion in Korea.

Applying for Columbia GS, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, U Mich Ann-Arbor.

And also, I’m worried that I only have 18 units from my college, since I have only one semester done here.

@Congrats In my opinion, I would highly suggest taking ALOT more classes, financial aid sucks at Columbia GS. Try taking as many “hard” classes like calculus, statistics etc, so you get them out of the way. Unless you’re rich and can afford the tuition.

Ive read of some people getting accepted with less than 30 credits, but they were usually people who’ve had some type of professional career (law enforcement/ military). I do not think a internship counts as such. But your extracurricular look good, far better than what I put down.

@jennysong Thanks a ton for your advice! What about other schools I named above? Have any thoughts?

@Congrats not sure of the other schools, columbia was the first school I’ve ever applied to. But from what I’ve read schools usually require you to accumulate at least 30 credits, I know NYU does at least.

I’m not applying until the spring of 2020 for fall 2020 but if any of you could give me some insight on my stats and any suggestions that would be cool

-5yr USMC Active Duty
-Spent 6 months in the Middle East, trained other nations militaries in the Pacific
-2.1GPA high school (struggled with OCD/ADHD)
-3.75GPA college 25cr (current, will increase) CA CC
-Warrior Scholar Project at UPenn
-Some volunteer time
-Apart of service to school, onward to opportunity, hire heros, american corporate partners
-Plan on taking GSAE instead of ACT/SAT
-Letters of rec’s from unit commanders

Just some summed up info. Columbia is my dream school.

Is the GS program only for adults? Or are there younger students in the program? My daughter is 19 yrs. old. She has not been to college yet. This program sounds like a great fit for her, but would she be much younger than most of the other students?

@MnMarine, I’d get the GPA and forget about the unit commander letters. Shoot for academic letters!

@Mimi2018, it’s for nontraditional students; those who are high performing and high achieving but have taken a break in their education. They tend to look for those who show they can handle the academic workload but have achieved something somewhat unusual or impressive in addition. Your daughter sounds like she’d be applying to CC or SEAS instead unless she wants to apply for the dual degree programs which are housed at GS; those are usually around her age.

Why is this thread dead…? Anybody applying as well??

I submitted my application a week ago

I decided I’m going to apply for the Spring of 2020. How many Military people do we have in here?

That’s pretty early. Are you a transfer?

Yes. Not that it really matters for the GS app anyways. I have about 30cr done. My app is in. Only thing left is my GSAE.

Just finished my taking my GSAE! so now my app is complete

I just submitted my application for early action! :slight_smile:

I have a red X next to “Test Score (ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, DUO, Online General Studies Admissions Exam)”

I’m planning on just using my SAT score, which was reported unofficially on my application. Does anyone know if I need to submit an official copy of my SAT scores for this to go away? Can they still review the application?