Columbia GS Fall 2019 Early/Regular Decision Thread

@Snekfest okay thanks for clarifying!

It does seem much less lively than last year’s thread, but I hope Thursday/Friday get here soon. Time seems to be slowing to a crawl as the week goes on.

This thread already has more comments than last year’s thread had in February lol. You just see more people commenting during regular decision.

Hey all,
I just received an email from the Associate Director of Admissions. They said that my application was under review currently and wanted more information to pass along to the admissions committee. They asked me several questions to respond to by Thursday afternoon. Has this happened to anyone else?

@jasennian are you Early action or regular?

Also are the questions interview type questions? Like favorite movie,books/ etc kind questions or academics if you dont mind sharing.

Early action here and still nothing from GS so far.

Has anyone gotten an interview?

No interview here.

Last e-mail I got was an automated one from 1/28 stating I made the 1/15 cut off for early action and that I’ll receive a decision 3/1.

@incomingvbied I got that same email.

@Snekfest I’m in the early action. The questions were more academic. One question was why Columbia and what resources I would use in NYC and at the school. Another was if I was planning on going full time or part time. Last question was a question about some personal history.

@jasennian Thank you so much for responding, truly helpful.

@incomingvbied are you a veteran? Your name seems fitting, wishing you the best of luck! Less than 3 days to go.

@Snekfest Yep! Prior Army. Were you in as well? Thanks, hoping for the best for everyone. Literally counting down the days now

I am trying to finish my application before March 1st, but I have some trouble in filling out my work experience/ honor/ activities sections. It seems like there is a space limit, and i can only type a few words. How do you guys solve it? or How do you fill out these sections? so stressful process lol. by the way, good luck for those who gonna get result soon.

Hey all! I was as admitted for the Spring semester but deferred to Fall ‘19. If you guys have any questions I can try to answer to my best ability

@incomingvbied Awesome! Thanks for your service. In for the early action but not the military haha. Grew up in an area where VIBEDs were common so I assumed military. Have lots of interest in the whole military/ politics side of things which is what excites me about GS and the large veteran presence.

@Coooooo yeah that part of the application kind of sucked honestly and needs updating pretty badly :confused: I just tried to summarize things things with a lot less words to meet the maximum requirements as best as I could… Into 1 sentence which is insane.

How did you answer work experience/ honor/ activities? no enough space!!!

@Snekfest Thank you so much, I think I can only put the title lol

@Chiliman Do you recall what time the decisions came out (or when you were notified)?

@Snekfest Thanks for your support. I bet you had a hell of an admissions essay!

@incomingvbied I applied regular decision so my date was different from others, but I received an email at 5pm eastern time letting me know there was an update

@Chiliman Did you transfer in or direct admission? Really wondering how generous CU is when it comes to transfer credits.

@Snekfest I am a transfer from a community college in Southern California. Before I had completed last semester, they were accepting 42 of my credits which i thought was pretty decent. With the completion of last falls classes i’m hoping my new transfer credit report will reflect a few more credits.

I applied early action with everything in by 1/15. I received an email from the admissions manager yesterday asking me what my grades are so far. Hopefully I get in!

@andrewmyles80 Do you mind sharing your GPA when you applied? You can PM if you’d like. Curious why I haven’t received any communication from the admissions committee.

@Chiliman 42 out of what? How many credits did you have where they accepted 42 of them?

@incomingvbied same here, starting to worry. No communication beyond the email that I made it for the March 1st decision. GPA here is 4.0 if that helps.

I had an interview in early December but the only communication I’ve received since then is the email confirming I’ll hear back before March 1st. Also worried about not receiving any further emails, however it might be that they just don’t need any more clarification from us like they do other applicants. Really hope to hear soon though because the anxiety is killing me :((