Columbia GS Fall 2019 Early/Regular Decision Thread

I didn’t see a thread posted for those who are applying for the Fall 2019 semester, so here we go.

I’m planning to submit all of my application materials by March 1st for the Early Decision deadline. I just took the GSAE yesterday, and I’m still tweaking my essay. I’m told my recommendation letters are almost done. I can’t wait to have everything finally submitted.

I’m so excited about this awesome opportunity. Good luck to all of you applying!

Hey! I was just about to start a thread on this because I hadn’t seen one for Fall 2019 either.
I submitted early as well, by the January 15th deadline so I’ll hear by March 1st. Best of luck!!

Also applied by the Jan. 15 deadline. Can’t wait for March 1st!

Hey! Glad to see a thread for Fall 2019!

Quick question… do interviewers have access to an applicants application? Or do they just get contact info?

I’m glad someone created this thread! I had everything in by the Jan 15 deadline except one letter of recommendation. They turned that in a little after the deadline and I still got an email confirming a decision by March 1. Good luck everyone!

I’m not sure, did they offer you an interview? Because when I asked if interviews were an option, my area rep said no.

Thx for creating this thread! Also applied before Jan 15th. Kind of stressed now since their is only really 10 days before the decision is supposed to come out!

Hey guys, I’m also in the process of applying for the early decision for Fall 2019…did you guys upload a resume? I’m contemplating if I should include it in my application, since I’m extremely busy with work, school( back to back with exams and essay due next week)and trying to complete the application essay. So I’m kinda in a time crunch

I uploaded a resume cause I had one already, but considering the application already asks about previous work history and extracurriculars, I wouldn’t be too worried about uploading a resume.

thank you! i’m surprised someone answered my question this late at night lol. Guess I’ll try to submit one or fix an old resume I have. Thanks again

I had a recent resume so I uploaded one as well. Figured it probably wouldn’t hurt my chances.

I also had a recent resume that i just used for my app. As a general rule of thumb tho, try to update your resume frequently so that you always have it on hand. You never know.

We’re less than a week away from March 1st… anyone else anxious for a decision?

I’m definitely very anxious. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Good luck to everyone!

Yeah surprised the thread is sort of dead, I got into the March 1st decision and surprisingly I’m calmer than expected. Probably because I will need heavy financial aid help, which is problematic with GS…

@Snekfest I suppose it’s because we applied priority early action. I would suspect from previous threads a majority of applicants apply during the regular decisions timeline

@Snekfest Do you mean that you already found out your admission decision? Or that you got into the first round of early action and will find out before March 1st?

@incomingvbied Yup assumed the same. Wishing you luck along with everyone else!

@michaelscarn1 Sorry for the confusion, Got into the first round for early action. So finding out if accepted March 1st.

Yeah I wonder why it’s so dead? Last year’s thread had 100+ comments on there. I haven’t been this much in a hurry to get to Friday! From the looks of it, many of us might receive our decisions the day off…