Columbia GS Fall 2022 Early/Regular Decision Thread

Yeah I think it’s just a glitch, hopefully!

Yes I saw they made this sort of mistake on some people from the last year but I strongly believe you are accepted anyway.

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I got in! I also had a glitch but they fixed it

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Hi, would like to check if the status in the GS application management page ever change before decision. Mine is still “Submitted”. Would that change to “Review” at some point?

Hey, if you have all green checkboxes it should be in review. I dont think u get an update after you submit everything

When did u apply?

Heard anything yet?

No. 8+ weeks now. How long have u been waiting

Already been in touch with the admission office they said by or before the 15th we should hear the decision.


Sweet! Doing the lords work - thank you. Lol.

Edit: Did they say for everyone who applied around March or is the May 15th thing for a specific group of applicants?

I got in!!!

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Congrats , can you share with us you GPA, extracurricular?

Omg nothing for me yet lol

Wow! Did you get the displaced scholarship?

Got in too!!!

Has anyone received the financial aid package yet?? How long is the process?

Hey! Congrats!:partying_face:
May I ask you when did you apply?

Hi everyone, Were you guys able to log into the financial aid portal before getting an admission decision? I mean right after getting CU ID after application?


Hey where’s the discord? Is there a discord?