Columbia GS Spring 2021 Early Action / Regular Decision Thread

Few days more before application opens! Lets go!
Share your stats, questions, etc.

I just started my application! I haven’t taken the GSAE yet, but the rest of my stats are listed below:

1st College - 2.3 (60 credits)
2nd College - 3.8 (75 credits)
Veteran (US Navy Reserve)
10 YOE in Product & Engineering (Current Senior Manager/Director)

Hey guys, I’m finishing up my application but I have some doubts. I’m only turning 20 so I don’t know if this will look bad to admissions considering I don’t have as much life experience as a lot of you. I have a year and half gap since graduating high school with a 1540 SAT. I went to WestPoint for a half a semester but was sent home and deferred due an injury during training. I audited classes at a state school for the year while recovering and am now enrolled at that school for the fall semester as a full time student. I’m hoping to get into Columbia GS and do NROTC to become a Marine Corp Officer. I’m in a weird spot because I’m not really a veteran but I have my DD214. Do I mark veteran on the application or just leave it blank and explain my situation?

1540 SAT
4.0 Community College GPA
3.4 HS GPA
4.0 One semester state school

@Zoomi2001 I suppose that there will be liitle impact if you indicate or not given how you will probably be explaining your situation later in your application.

Btw, those are some great stats!

Did anyone attend the admissions forum yesterday afternoon?

We are one day away from priority early action deadline! Anyone else submitted for this cycle?

I submitted for this cycle. Excited and extremely nervous! From past forums, it seems there aren’t a lot of applicants for the Spring semester.

I am aiming for the October 1st deadline.

Chance me for GS:

24 year old white female (6 years out of school)

HS GPA: 4.0125 (2 APs, rest all honors, NHS, Portuguese Honor Society, awards)
AP class//community college dual GPA: 3.0
1st college GPA: 3.25
attended Harvard Extension for part of a summer term, but had conflicts w/work & had to leave–was getting A’s and B’s but my grade was W
2nd college–state school (currently enrolled, will have 30 credits at semester end)
SAT (from 2013): 1770/2400 --W 650 R 620 M 500 (awful, I know)
Essays: usually very good.

-volunteered as a TA in an elementary school from ages 14-19.
-worked as a file clerk in 2014
-worked retail in 2015
-worked as an independent author from 2013-2020, with a break from 2017-2019
-released a song
-have been working as a professional actress since 2018 in a large NE city for 2 companies, and working at a Tony award winning theatre as a volunteer and also as a script consultant more recently.
-wrote my app essay about my struggles of having autism, my being a first gen college student, my interest in languages, and my goals of getting an MFA and/or going to law school, and my dedication to activism in the theatre industry as well as my desire to start my own company.

(note: my parents do ok financially but I am an independent student with an income of less than $10k/year (I am on disability) so I don’t know if this program is need aware and if that hurts my chances)

Anyone think I have a shot or is it too much of a reach?

Just got an email saying my application has been moved to in review. Any other Priority applicants?


I haven’t received the email, do you mind sharing what it says?

That my application was completed by sept 1st, and I’ll hear my oct 1st.

Results for priority early action will be releasing in a few days! How is everyone feeling? @upupandaway717

@throwaway7259308 I’ve never bit my nails more! Reading past forums, I haven’t seen many applicants like myself.

@upupandaway717 If I may ask, what are your stats/profile?

Does anyone know what time decisions will be released?

From previous years it seems to be at 5pm.

Best of luck to everyone that is awaiting a decision this afternoon:)

Has anyone heard anything?

Nothing yet