Columbia GS Val plagiarizes sppech?

<p>What was he thinking?</p>

<p>Brian</a> Corman, Columbia Valedictorian, Plagiarized Patton Oswalt In Graduation Speech (VIDEO)</p>

<p>This reflects badly on Columbia. Students have to audition for selection as speaker at graduation, and they have to submit their speeches to a committee as part of the selection process. I've served on this kind of committee at my own university, where we routinely run everything through a software program that checks for plagiarism.</p>

<p>This student demonstrated a lack of ethics, and the faculty and staff have been lazy and negligent. I'm sure Columbia would like to put some sort of spin on this...</p>

<p>This isn't Columbia College, right? It's the school for returning students? The one that Kelly Bensimon apparently went to? (Although I prefer Ms. Frankel's theory that she went to Colombia the country, not Columbia the school.)</p>

<p>Nothing -- nothing -- that this guy did could possibly reflect as badly on this school as an association with Kelly Bensimon does.</p>