Columbia housing - Intercultural Resource Center?

<p>I'm considering applying to the Intercultural Resource Center for housing next year. It seems like a great community. However, I'm confused by what the description of the building means by saying: "most of our doubles are spacious, apartment-style 2-person suites with kitchens and bathrooms." </p>

<p>What exactly is an apartment-style 2-person suite? Does this still mean you share a room with someone - that is, a room with two beds. Or, does this mean that there are separate rooms but the two of you live in the same place?</p>

<p>Thanks guys.</p>

<p>It's a one-bedroom apartment with the living room converted into another room, so it's technically a two-person suite. Totally separate. They all vary though. There's walk-through doubles as described, true doubles, and a few singles.</p>