Columbia Likely Letter 2025

Hi guys, I believe Columbia starts sending out likely letters soon. I believe there isn’t a thread for that yet, so I made this one for all of us to share :slight_smile:


hi!! this isn’t technically columbia but lowkey is… i got a likely from barnard yesterday! so stoked tbh



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congrats!! :slight_smile:

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was there an official mention by the university?

There never is; the LL just shows up.

I also got one too! Lol


When do they usually come out ?

second or third week of february i believe

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So we are ready to enter the last week of February and LL still hasn’t appear yet 🥲

i guess so. has any ivy started sending out likely letters yet?

I heard Yale did.

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Yale, Stanford, and Barnard have all sent some. I kinda figure Columbia will send at least a first batch this upcoming Monday.


Or not. :slight_smile: The wait continues…

Someone on Reddit said they know someone who received one… so maybe they sent them out already? Or maybe they are sending them out at really random times…Not so sure…

Where in Reddit. I saw applying to college but could not find anything.

Take a look at this thread: https://www.■■■■■■■■■■/r/ApplyingToCollege/comments/lq687i/harvard_likely_letters_are_out/

It seems like hearsay. Generally when likely letters go out a bunch of people get them and we will hear about it.


True, if that’s the case then the letters are coming out very late this year I guess…

I remember last year some people got them in late Feb and many in March around 12th. Given this year what is going on it might get delayed.