Columbia look down on dual enrollment?

<p>I.B. vs. dual enrollment. Dream college is Columbia. Which ever will give me the slightest edge to being admitted to Columbia, I'll do it. There's ~10 other kids in my grade applying to Columbia, so I know my chances are low and competitive. I know I can handle both, it's just a matter of which will look more appealing to the eyes of the admissions office.</p>

<p>Don't know if the folks at Columbia actually "look down on dual enrollment" but they don't give any credit for it, whereas they do give credit for I.B. classes (provided you score well enough on the I.B. exams). That would suggest that they consider I.B. to be more rigorous and by implication, I.B. classes would be more "appealing" and more likely to help in admissions.</p>

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