Columbia Majors!!!

<p>After graduating from college I plan on going to medical school, I plan on either majoring in biochemistry, biophysics, or molecular biology (defenitely not premed) or double majoring in 2 of the 3. Which is best for medical school preparation? If Columbia offers this as a major how does its program compare to other schools? I'm open to all opinions.</p>

<p>You can major in anything in preparation for medical school. Medical schools take anything from english to econ to astrophysics.
You must, however, complete the premed requirements (1 yr each of Bio, Chem, Physics, Orgo, English, and sometimes Calc).
Other than that the possibilities are endless.
P.S. Like most of the Ivies, Columbia does not have a "premed" major (although it does have a liberal arts concentration available for premeds...)</p>

<p>lol have fun double majoring on top of the core ^^</p>

<p>actually there arent enough course spaces for double majoring AND the core in some cases...</p>

<p>like i was thinking POLITICAL SCIENCE and COMPARATIVE LITERATURE...but on top of the core its impossilbe there are too many required courses</p>