Columbia MS in Human Nutrition vs BU MS in Nutrition & Metabolism

I recently got accepted by two programs. One is the MS in Human Nutrition at Columbia University - the institute of Human Nutrition, which is a 12-month research-based program. The other one is the MS in Nutrition & Metabolism of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) at the Boston University School of Medicine, which is a 2-year research-based program.
If I am considering applying for PHD afterwards, which program would be better for me?

Columbia so you can start your PhD sooner. I would start applying in 2023 to start in 2024, so that your MS work will be on your transcript when you apply.

One thing to consider is that although with a one-year master you would theoretically start your PhD sooner, you also won’t have any references from that master’s program to help you get into PhD programs. If you apply for PhD programs starting fall 2022, then you’d only have a 3-4 months in your program before you’d have to submit applications. That’s not long enough to get to know anyone enough to get recommendation letters, or really to benefit from the learnings of your master’s program at all. So I’d choose that program only if you think you are already a pretty strong candidate for PhD programs and you just kind of need something to do in the interim time. (Actually, if that was the case, I’d advocate not spending the money at all and just taking a year to work or do something else. But between these two options, spending less money is better.)

If the goal of attending a master’s is to help boost your application for graduate school, then I’d choose the 2-year program. When you apply, your advisors will know you, and you’ll also have some research experience to talk about.