Columbia or UCLA

<p>Im an international student and I currently attend High School in Europe( i have 2 yrs left). Providing that my after finishing HS will be good enough to get into Columbia University and UCLA which one do you think is better to choose for european student ?. In your answers please also consider which city NY or Los Angeles is ( in your opinion) better to live in? I have been to LA few times but I never've been to NYC so I obviously cant compare.</p>

<p>In addition I would also like to add that I want to study psychology and drama. I would be more than happy to know your opinions. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Considering you're out of country, I would say Columbia hands down. I suppose if you wanted to be an actor, UCLA might be a better choice.</p>

<p>UCLA has a top Psychology program, you could also minor in theater.</p>

<p>The admissions standards aren't that similar. It could be very likely that you be admitted into UCLA and not Columbia.</p>

<p>EDIT: Yes, UCLA does have a top psychology program behind only Berkeley, I believe. UCLA Theater is not prestigious like UCLA Film, however.</p>

<p>Columbia is much more difficult to get into than UCLA. However, if you could get into both, go for Columbia. </p>

<p>But maybe I'm biased...I'm a journalism major that's in love with NYC :-)</p>

<p>If you like it always being warm, dry, and nice LA is a nicer city. If you like the seasons NYC is a nicer city. I've been to both and I like NYC way more. It's just got this aura about it that makes it different than every place I've ever been.
As for drama it depends on where you are going to go with it. If you want to be on Broadway NY is the place to be. If you want to be in movies go for LA.</p>

<p>As an LA native who has been to new york, i'd say pick UCLA.</p>

<p>New York is great, but i hate being surounded by these monolithic buildings which completely surround you. The whole city feels like being in Down Town LA. That said though, it's a nice, but different vibe. In LA, you'd be surrounded by beaches, warm weather, and a lot of really, really good looking people; In New York you'd be surrounded by one of the most diverse and oldest cultures in the United States (LA is diverse too, but i think less so than new york.)</p>

<p>I don't doubt that columbia has a great psychology program, but UCLA's is also word class. It's important to note that Psychology is one of the ~5-10 impacted majors at UCLA, so it might be harder to get admitted for psych than it would at columbia (but since you're international, who knows, UCLA might want your OOS tuition)</p>

<p>they're both great schools. Just figure out which city you'd rather see yourself living in.</p>

<p>I think you should go to Columbia probably because I dislike the UC's... haha but that's just me ;) </p>

<p>Remember that UCLA is a public school and government owned so it has a lot more people in one class as opposed to Columbia. </p>

<p>Columbia is a private school so you'll probably have more interaction with your professor than you will in UCLA- not that you're not going to have interaction with the professors at UCLA- because you will haha. </p>

<p>But if I had the choice... I would most definitely go to Columbia. Congrats on getting into both schools though- they're both amazing so whichever one you school is a good choice hahah!</p>

<p>Columbia. Has a better name advantage.</p>

<p>However if you just want majors, then UCLA in psychology. </p>

<p>But even if you want majors, Columbia all the way.</p>

<p>Columbia is my dream school.</p>

<p>Columbia hands down. The only reason to attend UCLA would be if you had a good scholarship and it was significantly cheaper. Otherwise, Columbia is significantly better. These two aren't really comparable. Columbia is an elite Ivy league school in NYC. UCLA is a large public university in los angeles. Completely different.</p>