Columbia School of Professional Studies or New York University Tandon?

I have been admitted into both programs to pursue a master of science in Construction Administration/Management for Fall 2019 as a part-time student. I am going on tours this week and need to make a decision by early next week.

I understand the mixed reviews each school has but what program will ensure job placement following graduation or even while pursuing my degree.
Does anyone have input on each school’s reputation?
Which school’s degree holds more weight than the other?

Thank you.

Are you already working in Construction Management at the moment?
Honestly, since your questions are so specific I would talk to the career offices at these two schools. They should have some information on placements etc.
Is one school cheaper than the other?
They are both highly ranked and well known so you probably won’t go wrong either way.
Good luck!

Thank you for your response. I just graduated in May with my bachelor in business management but it has been strenuous applying for full-time positions because I don’t hold a degree in a construction-related field. Also, New York University Tandon is roughly $20,000 cheaper than Columbia University. I have been in contact with a professor who explained how he was in the same position as I am in after he acquired his bachelors in Business Administration. He went to Columbia part-time and within just over a year got a job with Turner. I have decided on Columbia. Thanks again!

Just a note - no graduate program can “ensure” job placement after graduation. That’s based on a combination of factors that aren’t only predicated on having a degree in hand.