Columbia Sciences Po Fall 2019 Entry

this thread is for the class of 2023 hopefuls. let’s post any info/questions/concerns here. good luck everyone!

Anybody knows what SATs and IB scores they are looking for? (I’m an international student)

@DanCR19 when i went for an info session they said 31 is the average ACT score, which i believe is 1420-1440 SAT. i’m not sure about IB

Hi everyone,

Glad to see you’re interested in the Dual BA Program! I am a current student and a tour guide for the Dual BA. I’ll be posting on behalf of the admissions team from time to time, so please post your questions here and I’ll do my best to help answer them or point you in the right direction.

@DanCR19 As for the test scores, you can contact the admissions team directly at (sometimes emails do not post on College Confidential, so if you cannot read that link, the address is gs-admit AT columbia DOT edu) or (212) 854-2772.

Hope that helps and best of luck to all of you as you begin your senior years!

Hello! I’m a hopeful rising senior currently living in NYC

I just found out about the dual BA at Science PO/ Columbia and it sounds like a pretty spectacular opportunity. I spent 3 years learning French immersively and I am passionate about the culture + language, so it was great to hear this could be a way to strengthen a connection with what I love :slight_smile: While my family is not from France, I have been studying the language via the CNED, a program for native speakers, since I left the Lycee Francais for high school.

3.85 GPA UW
5.11 GPA W

6 on the IB SL History test (I am in the DP but that’s the only test I’ve taken thus far)

1550 SAT with 760 RW and 790 M

I will be visiting Columbia in a couple weeks, so I’ll definitely check the info session out.

@GSTourGuides Do you know how many US applicants there were for class of 2022 (total as well as accepted)?
How many students are in the whole program? How many on each campus?

Huh, are you sure it was 31 this year? It was 32 last year apparently, it would be weird if the average went down

@scipo88 Huh, are you sure it was 31 this year? It was 32 last year apparently, it would be weird if the average went down

@froshman12 you’re probably right that it’s 32. i went to the info session last year so 31 might have been from previous years

Has anyone else attended a more recent info session?

Just wanted to peek my head into this forum. I’m Rach, I’ll be applying this round for le Havre :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all~

@scipo88 It was 32 during 2014 entry and then 2017 entry I believe. It’s weird, I feel like I always hear contradictory statistics about GS.

@froshman12 yeah I agree, at least we know it’s probably somewhere around the 32 range

Thanks! @GSTourGuides
Do you also happen to know the percentage of applicants coming from the US, France, internationals, UWC, etc.?
Also…do they have quotas for any of these regions/places in any shape or form?

Hey! Just wanted to say hi. I’ll be applying to Le Havre (with 0 experience in intl affairs and only basic self taught French woo!). Good luck to you all :slight_smile:

Hey! Just wanted to say hi. I’ll be applying to Le Havre (with 0 experience in intl affairs and only basic self taught French woo!). Good luck to you all :slight_smile:

im super excited about this program. with my life goals, i want to go on to medical school. Would it be possible in my 2 years at columbia to pursue/ complete a science degree and med school prerecs

i am in the same situation. Let me know if you get any information!

I’m really excited about this program as well! My only concern is that the financial aid may or may not be substantial. If my family’s income is low (FAFSA EFC is 0), does that mean I will be provided with direct financial aid from Columbia/Sciences Po or will I only be able to receive financial aid from scholarships/work-study/etc due to the nature of the program?

Hi everyone,

@2360etudiant While you can technically decide to do whatever major you are interested in at Columbia, not just social science major, this program is not geared for students interested in the hard sciences. To complete pre-med requirements, you would have to take extra terms at Columbia, and you would not have the opportunity to take any of the necessary classes at SciencesPo, which exclusively offers social science and humanities courses.

The program heavily considers fit in the admissions process, i.e. why you would like to study at SciencesPo and how the course content there (social sciences + regional focus) caters to your academic and professional goals. If you are interested in medical school, you can most certainly apply, but you should think critically about how a SciencesPo degree fits into these plans and enhances your education as a future doctor.

@koreangal22 You pay the tuition of the school where you are currently enrolled and receive financial aid from that institution. For the first two years, that would be SciencesPo. SciencesPo has significantly lower tuition fees than many American universities. For EU citizens, SciencesPo fees are determined on a sliding scale based on family income (more found here: For non-EU citizens, there are limited scholarships available. The most common of these is called the Emile Boutmy scholarship, but it is not available to all students.

For Columbia, you can submit a FAFSA when you apply to the program to receive an estimated grant. Unfortunately, the School of General Studies is unable to meet full demonstrated need. There are grants available, but a family with an EFC of 0 will not receive aid covering all tuition and living expenses, which is where loans, outside scholarships, and work-study, as you mentioned, come in.

For both of you and anyone else with questions about their specific cases, please feel free to reach out to the Columbia School of General Studies. The team would be more than happy to speak with you! They can be contacted at or +1 212 854 2772.