Columbia SEAS(fu) chance me please!

<p>I'm an international applicant from Korea and am attending an extremely competitive high school. I'm a senior. </p>

<p>Gender: Male
GPA - 3.88(unweighted) out of 4.00</p>

<p>SAT 1
Reading: 800
Math: 800
Writing: 750
Total: 2350</p>

<p>I heard that Columbia superscores and these are my superscored SAT's. I took the test twice. </p>

Math II : 760<br>
World History: 780</p>

<p>I'm going to take SAT Biology and am considering retaking the Math II.</p>

World History : 5
Calculus BC : 5
Econ Micro: 4
Econ Macro: 4</p>

<p>Toefl: 114</p>


I was part of my korean church soccer team(semifinalists for the Korean Church Youth Soccer Tournament) for two years
my junior high school soccer team
the Forsyth Fusion Soccer Club for two years(Runner-up to the County Soccer Tournament).
my high school soccer club
my high school ping-pong club
participated in the 5.4 Km Marathon(4th place)
participated 10 Km Marathon(8th place)
continually pursuing my interests as a marathon runner</p>

Part of the Chorus(1/2 a year)
Junior High Band as a trombonist(2 years) - in America
Junior High/ High School Band as a trombonist(2 years) in Nigeria
American Middle School Honor Band(2nd Trombonist) - performed in Swiss.</p>

Head of the Department of Physical Education(part of the Student Council for one year)
Class President( part of the Student Council for 1/2 a year)
these are positions i am or was holding right now in high school</p>

English Essay Writing Competition (3rd Place) held by this korean newspaper
IET English Contest(Gold medal) - 2nd Place
Yoseii University Enlgish Writing Competition( vice-president award - 3rd place)
Korea UNESCO International English Writing Competition(Korean UNESCO Chairman Award - 2nd place)
Korea Times International English Essay Competition(silver) -3rd place
Sung Kyun Kwan University English Competition (promotion award) 5th place
Korea times International English Competiton (promotino award) 5th place
Science Education Committee Science Presentation Competition(bronze 3rd Place)
School Philosophy English Writing Competition(2nd place)
School English Essay Contest(1st place)
School Foreign Experience Report Presentation Award(1st place)
Besides these, other school academic awards, academic model awards</p>

<p>Community Service
Teaching underprivileged elementary students through this program(1 year)
Compassion(an international org) - interpreting letters from Korean to English(2 years)
not much i guess...</p>

a delegate of the Korea Model United Nations 2009
member of the school model united nations debate club
member of the school environmental awareness club
Journalist of the School Newspaper Club
Journalist of the Korea Times Junior Reporter Association</p>

<p>I have lived 5 years in the States, 3 in the UK, and 2 in Nigeria
That makes 7 to 8 years in Korea. </p>

<p>Do I have a chance of getting into Columbia SEAS through ED??
Can you guys give me any suggestions?
Should I retake the Math II?</p>

<p>In addition to either the SAT or ACT, you must also take two SAT Subject Tests. For Columbia College, you may take any two; for Columbia Engineering, you must take any mathematics test and either
Physics or Chemistry.
Students must submit all SAT Subject Test scores from all test dates.</p>

<p>^they won't reject you because you didn't take the chem sat2. But take either physics or chem either way. While they look at all scores, they do super-score and count the best from each section when making an evaluation. If you apply ED, I'd say you have a solid shot, your stats are up there and the ECs are definitely significant and overall not too stereotypical. Applying RD is a much harder cookie to crack. But SEAS tends to take kids like you.</p>

<p>I didn't know that I had to take the physics or the chem.... i just thought i needed math and a science test. Anyway thank nots and confidentialcoll for your replies. i really appreciate them. That was vital information. I am free to more replies.</p>