Columbia Summer vs. Brown Summer (help please)

<p>Well, this saturday I visited Columbia and met with a professor who teaches business. I really, REALLY liked him and he seemed to be a great teacher. He teaches an intro business course at the Columbia High School program.</p>

<p>Today I did some research, and I found that Brown has some courses in neurology/psychology, a HUGE interest of mine. As it is, I'm doing an internship over the summer at a neuro lab and I'm conducting some research. The professors teaching the Brown course are not as well-established, and, of course, I fear that if I get a recommendation from them, it will not be as powerful as said prof from Columbia.</p>

<p>So that's my dilemma- should I study psych/neuro at Brown or go with business in Columbia? I'd like to learn more about business because I don't know anything about it, and I'd like to know what my parents (both have degrees in econ/business from good schools) discuss 90% of the time. </p>

<p>If I take the psych/neuro course at Brown, it would show commitment, but Columbia's course would show diversity. Can anyone help me?</p>