Columbia TC

<p>Anyone have experience with the grad school? Anything you can offer is much appreciated. My D is deciding between Columbia, Hunter, and Bank Street to pursue a dual degree in Childhood Education and Special Ed.</p>

<p>How safe is it to attend in the evening and commute back to Murray Hill?</p>


<p>safety: very safe, subway is right nearby, and a lot of folks do evening classes at tc, so she wont be alone.</p>

<p>commute: to murray hill its not the easiest commute in terms of time, maybe 45min to an hour, involves either using a cross town bus, using the S at 42nd street.</p>

<p>what is best: tc is a great school, but its greatest weakness (relative of course because it is still better than most edu schools in the country) is actually training teachers, especially early childhood, because it is better at curriculum development, training administrators, folks that will go on to make education policy. bank street is often considered far better at actually training teachers, and it is also in the neighborhood so answers to things above stay the same. in any case though, tc is one of the most reputable and well known education schools in the country, i suppose it all depends on what your daughter wants long term for her, it is a good name to have in your back pocket.</p>

<p>and the last consideration should be money. i don't know what the difference is, who is paying or what else is around, but if you just need the degree, then not worth paying over the top for something like columbia if her goals are more in the arena of teaching.</p>

<p>Agree with admissionsgeek all the way. I have a doctorate from TC in Ed Admin with a concentration in Policy and REsearch a few years back. Bank Street has always been head and shoulders above TC in early childhood education.</p>