Columbia Tennis in Julliard?

<p>I am a very passionate, dedicated pianist and want to pursue this passion even further in college. However I am also a very dedicated tennis player. So I am looking for a great music program with a good tennis team. I heard that Julliard has a "joint program" with Columbia...does that mean that I would be able to study music at Julliard, and play on the Columbia tennis team?</p>

<p>Hey is anyone out there??? Would appreciate some input! Thanks!</p>

<p>Why don't you try University of Michigan or any good university with a music program? I would imagine you could play piano and tennis at such a school. As for Juilliard, you'll need to submit a pre screening CD or video tape of your playing specific repertoire before you can even think about getting accepted. Same goes for Columbia. It's a rare thing to be accepted into one program let alone both.</p>

It might be possible if you're really good at tennis, but frankly I'd be surprised. The Columbia profs are reputedly quite happy to let Juilliard students into their classes, but coaches are kind of a different ball park. Also, schedule conflicts would likely be pretty bad (though not as bad as if you were an orchestral instumentalists and therefore had more rehearsal obligations). But ask the tennis people at Columbia. If they say yes, then broach it with Juilliard. I think that order of moves maximizes your chances. Good luck.</p>

<p>Garnet Tide:</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but it is virtually inconceivable that any one human could be a student at a world-class music conservatory and also play college tennis at the varsity level. There are simply not enough hours in the day to do both. It might be possible to play club level or intramural tennis while a student at Julliard (assuming Columbia would allow it). Conversely, you could pursue a degree at Columbia, play varsity tennis, and take piano lessons for enjoyment. You have indicated that you are a conservatory caliber pianist. If that is the case, I assume you have a well-respected piano teacher who knows the ropes and has helped many students prepare to enter conservatories. You should be looking to your piano teacher for guidance on this matter. You should also be deeply involved in preparing your audition tapes. I am perplexed that you are looking to CC for answers.</p>