Columbia Transfer 2022

Current Columbia Transfer student here. As someone who lurked on this site for a long time when I was applying to college/transferring, I thought I’d open a thread to answer any questions anyone might have about transferring to Columbia! I transferred from a liberal arts college and am a current sophomore.

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hi, although i don’t plan on transferring to columbia but i do plan on transferring to upenn. i also attend a small liberal art college currently and was wondering if i could ask some questions about the whole process privately?

Hi, did you submit your SAT/ACT? And do you think it’s important to retake it as a college student as someone who don’t have a previous SAT score? Thx

Yes of course!

I submitted SAT scores but it’s my old score from high school. I personally think with college grades SAT/ACT scores wouldn’t be as important as a factor because they were meant as an “indicator” of how good of a college student you can be, but as transfers you’ll already have grades from your first semester classes. However, that’s only what I think and no one can say for certain except the admissions officers.

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Thanks for your generous offer to answer any questions. Can you elaborate on your experience?

Do you feel like you made the right decision? Are you making friends easily? What does Columbia do to support their transfer students in making that transition easier? Are you living on campus?