Have been rejected by eight schools. This really hurts.


the fb group

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Its amazing how quickly these forums die after decisions are released


good luck for all the ppl applying next yr!

waitlisted as well! it was what i was expecting. hoping it’ll come through. is there a thread for waitlist applicants? anyone know the stats for getting off the waitlist :sweat_smile:

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@ waitlisted ppl, join the thread?

Just realised I never commented here, I got waitlisted which I’m happy about. Fully expected a rejection.

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Daughter accepted :smiley: - transfer to CC General Studies - received email May 26. Film & Media Studies interest. 3.96 gpa from 4 year design focussed school and community college; and essay describing lots of prior life experience and work history before that; CCGS was the best fit and only transfer applied to. So, phew!

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Congratulations ! May the very best come her way.


Thank you! And congratulations to everyone else so far who has received good news and for the wait list as well!

just got off the waitlist

clarification: got off on Friday

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Congrats! CC or SEAS?

Congrats, what major?

congrats! did you get an email saying to check your portal?

no reply?

@kodyclaytonedu congrats! cc or seas?

anyone know whether this is a rolling or a wave thing? or whether there’s a specific time they usually send these things out?

there is a thread specifically for the waitlist where these q’s r answered. It’s linked above on this thread

what’s the chance they’ll finally release the decisions today? it is a friday. i’d like the weekend to emotionally recover :upside_down_face: