Write a new email.

Thank you so much!

My son just filled up the forms online and uploaded the screenshot for mid-term report and the portal was updated almost immediately. Looks like they completed first-year process already.

Did anyone else see a form called “Dependent Verification Worksheet Grp 1” in the financial aid portal? Do we have to fill that out?

If they ask you, then you have to fill that out. You can go to IDOC to do that.

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call or email them and ask!

yea this happened to me so i emailed the finaid and asked. they said they did indeed get my fafsa but the reason why it showed up that they didnt have it was because they didnt have my ssn to match up the application to the fafsa. after i emailed them, it got figured out

If I filled out the Coalition essay for other schools that required it, did Columbia get sent it too? I thought it was not sent to Columbia at all but some people were saying it was just optional. If mine was sent to Columbia it would be redundant to my transfer essay so I’m pretty worried.

I don’t believe they see Coalition essays. They just see your transfer one. Don’t quote me on that but I’m pretty sure

Thanks! It is not listed under materials shared and also doesn’t show up when I generate a pdf so… hopefully this was not a mega screw up.

Is there any international student who applied with financial aid???

I am an international student but does not apply for financial aid

Hey, I am applying for financial aid and this is what it looks like. Does anybody else’s say “disbursement?” Like is that a good sign?

not sure! i personally didn’t have a student IRS tax transcript to upload so the status for that might be specific to the document if that makes sense

When are decisions? Are they rolling or they inform beforehand

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Typically they inform beforehand

I saw someone posted their acceptance letter for “admission to Columbia University’s Combined Plan Program at the Fu Foundation School…” just now. He also claims that it was a transfer application. Does anyone know if the results actually came out?

(Never mind, just learned to know that it was a special program for another university, but hopefully our results will come out soon)

A friend called Columbia and they started they are starting to release decisions starting next week till the first week of May. If this helps ease everyone’s minds :slight_smile:

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Thank you sm! Do you know if they mentioned a specific time? Soo nervous now

Wow I expected it to be later!

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