Columbia Transfer : Fall 2022

Hi, I know this might be a bit early but this is a thread for Columbia University: Fall 2022 applicants. Fall 2021 transfer admission decisions have been released now, congrats to all accepted! I’m an international freshman(almost a sophomore now) and would be applying when the applications open in September-October ish. Hope that I get in when the decisions are announced in May 2022! All the best to all applicants!


Hey! I was accepted as a transfer for the last cycle, so if anyone has any questions about the process lmk!


yes pls! firstly all stats would be greatly appreciated. also can you tell us about transfer statistics if you have any idea?how many admitted/no. of intl transfers etc.?

Hi! I’m trying to transfer too. I’m a rising sophomore at a state school in nj. I want to get started early as well so I don’t feel too rushed/stressed about the whole transfer process.


Hi I too will also like to know about the transfer process. Thanks

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Hi!! I made a discord for all 2022 transfers to connect during the application season and there’s subcategories with different schools if you want to join! I also plan to apply for fall 2022 :slight_smile: Fall 2022 Transfers

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hii, the invite expired, can you pls reshare

I want to transfer to Columbia with my intended major as East Asian studies with a concentration in Korean & Korean Culture. I only took up to precalculus in highschool and am now taking Finite Math as a frehsman in college. Do you guys recommend me taking calculus next semester?

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Hey guys, also a current sophomore at Columbia who was accepted as a transfer last year here. Also happy to answer any questions :slight_smile: I see someone asked about stats so I will share some of my general stats here, but (I know it sounds sooo cliche but) stats really aren’t everything!! I’ve met so many transfer peers with very different stats.

Applied to: SEAS CS major
First-year GPA: 4.0 (I had an A- first semester but it shows up as mandatory pass/fail on the transcript per our school policies)
College EC: research with a postdoc (data analysis), leadership position at an Acappella group (music is highlighted in my application and I sent in a vocal performance supplement video), leadership position at CS club, internship as an assistant web developer, personal project building a website, internship relating to statistical analysis


hi, I had a few general questions about being a transfer at Columbia, if you wouldn’t mind answering.

  1. Is there a strong transfer community and is it difficult to become integrated into the student body?
  2. What is double concentrating like as a transfer student? Is it unfeasible because of the core?
  3. How are you enjoying your time? Any major complaints?
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Hello, yes I’d say there is a very strong transfer community! Many of my closest friends are other transfer students. And it is not difficult to become integrated into the student body at all, people generally don’t care if you’re a transfer student or not (and why should they?)

I think it really depends on if you’re SEAS or CC. CC’s majors generally require fewer credits because of their stricter core, thus it’s usually easier to double major in CC. Since I major in CS I’ll use that as an example - CS in CC requires 40+ credits while 60+ in SEAS.

No major complaints that I can think of! The only thing I can think of is the dining halls are a bit… meh


Hii, can you pls let us know approx. how many international transfers were admitted in your batch? and out of the total approx. number?

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Hey guys! I made a discord for fall 2022 transfers if anyone wants to join! 2022 Transfers

Does anyone know how to submit a resumé to the Coalition App?

its there in the uploads section

anyone else’s deadline got updated to Mar 8?

I saw it too, does it also apply to the whole application including the essays or is it just the fee?

I think to the whole application. but it hasnt updated on columbia’s website so i am not sure. I emailed them

does anyone know when decisions might be released?

By June 1 is all I know they say on the site :weary:
I submitted my app right on Mar 1, so I’m expecting to have to wait a while…