Columbia Undergraduate Admissions Email

<p>Hi, I like to update some of my status to adcom but I couldn't find their Email..</p>

<p>Anyone kindly tell me what is the Email address of Columbia Undergraduate Admission Office..Thanks</p>

<p>anybody can help?????</p>

<p>try this email...I m not sure whther its of their undergraduate admission office... <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Just call them. They dont have an Email. Know what region you are in, call them find out who your adcom is, and then go to the peope search on and type in their last name. Then proceed to email as desired =D</p>

<p>truazn just call but noone answer....</p>

<p>ronty <a href=""></a> is that ass744 stand for</p>

<p>A person named Al Spuler emailed me my Columbia ID thru that email address.</p>