Columbia University Admissions Fall 2022

Is it possible to share the range of questions that were asked in the Columbia interview? Thanks!

My son reported that his interview was very much focused on personality and goodness of fit for the community. The interviewer was trying to get to know his personality and what compelled him to want to go to Columbia over other great schools. The interviewer asked very few questions about academics or extracurriculars.

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Did anyone else get an email from columbia asking for an interview?

Yes, my daughter interviewed with them a couple of weeks ago.

What is a likely lettee


A likely letter is a letter (email these days) sent in advance of the official decision announcement date letting an applicant know that they are “likely to be admitted”. It is in reality an advance notice of admission, but worded as “likely” because they cannot officially provide a confirmation of admission.

Likely letters are typically sent only to recruited athletes although some colleges (not sure if Columbia is one of them) also send to very high stat non-athletes, but that’s rare.

Exactly, My son was not an athlete and was RD. His letter came about a week before Ivy day. I believe Columbia sent out about 100 but I could be wrong on that.

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