Columbia University Admissions Fall 2022

Applying to Columbia University in 2022? This is a space for the members of the class of 2026 to post questions, comments or admissions stats and updates.

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Any news from admissions folks on trends so far?

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Let’s say theoretically your student decided last minute to apply (financially it’s a real reach so he didn’t think it was worth even applying, despite being interested). Thus, the Guidance Counselor is not aware that recommendations and supporting documents are needed (despite initially listing it as a College I’m Applying To on Naviance). Guidance Counselor will be asked on 1/3 to send the supporting documents, but this is post the RD deadline. Does this mean the application is dead in the water? Or, is there a grace period (we know some schools have grace periods and some do not). Thanks.

Hi - For Columbia RD deadline is 1st Jan 2022. Does that mean 31st Dec mid night or 1st Jan 8:59 pm pst/11:59 pm est? Thanks

I believe its Jan 1st 11:59 your local time


Hi - Columbia portal showed receiving the app on 1st Jan but not the teacher/ counsellor recommendations, school reports etc. wondering if there is any glitch in the naviance/ common app/ college portal link or we can expect this to be syned up/ sorted out once holidays are over. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Recommendations and school reports do not have to get there before the due date January 1st as long as YOUR app is submitted.
I read or heard somewhere and also from my experience with my son who decided to submit a few extra apps the VERY last minute without letting his school/recommenders know until a few days after the deadline and he got accepted to one of those colleges fine without any issues.

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Actually, my daughter’s portal for Columbia shows the same even though her high school’s Naviance shows as “submitted” (long ago).

Yes I have submitted my application on the 1st and my portal still hasn’t ticked of my letters of rec and they were submitted back in early December. Don’t stress it probably takes a while to process.


Does anyone know when Columbia will start notifying people about interviews?

My son was contacted today about interviewing with an alum in our area.

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My daughter had her interview last night

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Nice :+1:t3:
When did she submit her application?

Good question. typically how many days after application do they offer interviews?

Mid September

Thanks. She applied mid-September for RD? Or to ED and was then deferred?

My D submitted her RD app 10 days ago. Hasn’t been contacted for an interview yet.

She applied RD in September and was contacted for the interview on Sun Jan 2 and had the interview on Wed the 5th. No decision on admission yet. I don’t believe application submission date is relevant, contacts for interviews are based more on available alum. Her interview was quite scripted, less conversational than others she had and less responsive to her answers. Overall, went well. Interviewer was clear that they do score and submit feedback but that it does not play a large role in decisions. Hope that helps.

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Yes, that definitely helps! Thanks so much for sharing your daughter’s experience.

My son applied last year and it was the only Ivy that did not offer him an interview. He got in with a likely letter although he chose a different school.

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