Columbia university

hey! so i’m a sophomore in high school and columbia is my dream school. i’m taking all honors and aps and i’ll probably have ten aps by the end of senior year. i’ve also been volunteering and mentoring with an organization for two years. i teach dance classes (and get paid). i applied for columbia’s shp (obviously don’t know if i’ll get in or not) and plan on volunteering in hospitals this summer.

i don’t have many stats because of virtual school
but my psat was a 1350/1520 (i didn’t study for it because i’m too young for national merit and stuff)

i know i should be doing a bunch more so what are some things i can do? should i take the act and subject sats? lots of people shadow doctors and help with research at hospitals and universities, but how do you get opportunities like that?

also what should i review for the shp test?

my family is low middle class so i don’t have many connections or an excessive amount of money i can spend for programs and stuff.