columbia vs brown - academic reputation

<p>I was just wondering which of the two have the best academic reputation.. I'm trying to choose between them!
thank you</p>

<p>They're probably about equal overall. You'll probably have to look at specific departments.</p>

<p>biology/biochemistry.. that sort of thing</p>

<p>Columbia and Brown are both well renowned, but in different ways. I've found that more people know of Brown's open curriculum (though generally people have no idea how the open curriculum actually works) than Columbia's core. But I assume, when you ask about reputation, you're asking about the perspectives of grad schools, employers, etc, in which case that last bit is rather academic. </p>

<p>I don't know much about Columbia's bio department, but I can comment on Brown's. Brown's department is really strong, with focuses (foci sounds too pretentious lol) in ecology and evolutionary bio; molecular bio, cell bio, and biochem; molecular microbio and immunology; molecular pharmacology, physiology, and biotech; and brain science. </p>

<p>One thing to consider (aka PR for Brown): At Brown, every professor teaches undergrads (and many even teach intro-level courses), and of course many professors invite undergrads to help out with research -- Ask dcircle about this. At Columbia, however, many leading professors (physicist Brian Greene, for example) don't interact with undergrads at all, as they only do research. </p>

<p>Anyway, I think their reputations are pretty similar. Despite what people on CC may say, nobody will ever look down on you for having a degree from Columbia or Brown.</p>

<p>Good luck!!</p>

<p>They are equal. </p>

<p>Brown, however, might give a better undergraduate education: at Columbia, there are far more grad students than undergrads, but at Brown, there are far more undergrads than grads.</p>

<p>I realize my previous post was really really Brown-slanted, so let me make this clear: </p>

<p>As far as prestige/repution is concerned, both Columbia and Brown are golden. How you make your decision from here is totally up to you. And you can't go wrong, overall-experience-wise, with either school!</p>

<p>Who cares about a school's reputation?</p>

<p>Stupid ass reason to pick a school.</p>

<p>its also pretty darn stupid to kill , but people still do it
i geuss some people have been thinking about college since kindergarten and they dont care how hard, or how theyll fit in, as long as whenever they say the college they went to, people will go "oh wow". that might bring them the same satisfaction that you would have when you thought back to college and remembered how greatly you enjoyed it. </p>

<p>but, in answer to the thread, columbia is WAYYYYYY better, so u should just tell brown that u dont want them and then go to columbia</p>

<p>yeah harvard's academic reputation is higher i think</p>

<p>it's not just the academic reputation. I know that I'd probably be happy at either school and both seem pretty equal. columbia did offer me a science scholar thing though so I'm leaning towards them, I'm just trying to make my decision</p>

<p>Ok, that's fair. The Science Scholar thing seems pretty tempting.</p>

<p>I guess if you're really torn though, you need to think about 1) small city vs huge city, 2) core curriculum vs open curriculum, 3) Columbia is known for being "intense" while Brown is known for being "laid back," 4) NYC-oriented social life vs. Brown-oriented social life... stuff like that.</p>

<p>If it means anything Columbia is better known in the midwest.</p>

<p>well if its better known by farmers in the midwest, then your choice is clear</p>

<p>hey now, the midwest is awesome! No knocking the midwest!</p>

<p>hey, that was a low, well actually a middle?, blow
hehe, well some people dont know about brown, they just look at me
does it annoy me or want to make me go to some other school?
NOPE, all i know is i loved brown for brown, not because of its standing
im sure the ivy status helped to put it out there, for me to discover on my own, but i wasnt intrigued by the ivy status. but imust say, i lovethe sie of ivy on old buildings, it looks fabulous</p>

<p>yeah i swear i looked and i didnt find any ivy on the walls</p>

<p>I didn't either...but I did see a bear fountain where the water dripped out of its nose. I figure that's just as good.</p>

<p>hmm... maybe he just had a cold? the change of temperatureusually get people, and from what ive heard, ADOCH was in the midst of a freak heatwave</p>

well if its better known by farmers in the midwest, then your choice is clear


<p>...and its almost unknown on the West Coast.</p>

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