Columbia Vs Yale

<p>hi it seems that there arent many threads about columbia vs yale and i was just wondering about the social scenes/academics/housing/scheduling/student happiness/... anything else i need to know? TIA.</p>

<p>I can speak for student happiness for one person, I suppose, my friend was accepted into Yale two years ago and said he loves it there and doesn't regret his decision at all, he says it's a very social campus too- dunno if that helps</p>

<p>Well, I think pretty much anybody would be happy at either place if they were qualified to get in.</p>

<p>I would take a look at the (lengthy) posts in the Columbia/Princeton thread. What's said about Columbia there definitely still applies, and a suburban school like Princeton shares a lot of characteristics with Yale.</p>

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<p>New Haven is a sort of intermediary environment between Princeton and Manhattan a sense, however, Yale is an even more "urban" school in that its quads are integrated into the city street does not necessarily ever have to leave the secure embrace of Columbia's gates while on campus, but when at Yale one cannot avoid walking along the streets of New Haven.</p>

<p>I thought this thread was going to be about football.</p>