<p>what is columbia looking for?</p>

<p>Good question</p>


<p>probably the same things that HYPSMC are looking for</p>

<p>Like all of the ultra-selective universities, Columbia is looking for great stats and some outstanding accomplishments outside the classroom.</p>

<p>Some might say that Columbia might prefer an applicant that is a bit less conventional, a bit edgier, or a bit more diverse than some of the other Ivies... but this is quite subjective, and certainly the best thing to offer them is a great combination of academics and outside accomplishments.</p>

<p>Welcome to College Confidential, fieryxeyez!</p>

<p>I'd add that Columbia also seems to like a student who shows evidence of intellectual interests and passion, not just smart kids who are building resumes and gpas for professional schools. It seems to me that the purpose of asking students to list what books they've read on the app is a search for people who read for pleasure and not just because they're required to read. So: Columbia looks for students who love ideas.</p>

<p>Thank you for your replies. I'm highly interested in applying for Columbia next year.</p>