columbian fantasies

<p>omg i hope i get in so bad. i cant wait to live the urban life and meet new people who wants to go to trl with me??? hahah</p>

<p>I DO!!! Im from LA, did ED, scared to death. how bout u?</p>

<p>im from maryland, did ED, and i pray every night</p>

<p>i want to be a real new yorker (as opposed to the fake long island version)</p>

<p>o man if i get in im gonna go crazy and immediately start looking for a shopping buddy!!!</p>

<p>Hey if I see you there, I'll definitely be ur shopping buddy. SOHO here we come!</p>

<p>i should rename this thread "im_collegebound's columbian fantasies" well i plan to study in coffee shops and sip ice mochas, then roam the streets of new york city, go wild on the weekends, and partyyyy</p>