Columbia's campus is spectacular

<p>I don't know about the college itself, but the campus itself is amazing. At least the giant open space part is.</p>

<p>It's pretty amazing to step off bustling Broadway, walk through the gates, and by the time you pass the first buildings you are in a different world from the rest of Manhattan. Columbia is certainly compact, and may not be able to compare with the scenery of a Notre Dame or Cornell, but certainly has to be one of the finest urban campuses in the nation.</p>

<p>I know the urban campus well...I go to Penn. I didn't go to Columbia because I didn't want to go to school in NYC, and Penn's urban campus isn't bad given what little they have to work with...but Columbia is beautiful.</p>

<p>It is really gorgeous. I remember seeing a poster on my highschool (now) wall. And I was like: "I want to go there, its beautiful." It really is a pretty campus!!!</p>

<p>I would say it's more majestic than pretty. When I think of pretty I tend to think of Vassar and Cornell and their hills and lakes (Hudson River doesn't count, and I personally know of several people here who still dont know that the Hudson is a mere one block away from the campus.)</p>

<p>I always thought it was kind of small and crowded, but New York is suffocating me I guess. I need personal space!</p>

<p>Majestic it is. I'll still take it.</p>

<p>Pretty much everything by McKim, Mead, and White is majestic and dignified. Ah, what a beautiful campus. </p>

<p>Then there are the more modern-looking buildings that seem like fresh, modern arms of the old campus, stretching out. The engineering buildings, and that new Lerner hall. Mmm.</p>