Combined BA/MD programs

I’m a sophomore in high school and have looked at numerous combined medical programs. I’m sure that I want to have a career in medicine and was wondering what I could do now to prepare for the application process in a few years. I volunteer at a hospital and nursing home, plan to do medical research and took an anatomy/physiology online course this summer, but are there any other extra curricular activities I should do to strengthen my application? What else do the top, selective colleges like Brown and Washington University look for in applicants?

Straight As and top standardized test scores. Maximum course rigor. Tons of extracurriculars and accomplishments. Glowing rec letters. Insightful, engaging, illuminating essays.

You’re talking about some of the most selective programs around. They want everything.

Agree, great GPA, great APs or IB scores, extracurriculars. Best of luck. My son got into two programs and not into several others. Really great grades to emphasize.

Marvin and OhioParent, thank you for your responses. Where can I get more resources on what makes a strong applicant?