Combined Plan - some general questions.

<p>i was recently accepted to the combined plan program, and was wondering if anyone has any advice. also, how well are combined plan students integrated in the student body (we're, after all, in an awkward position coming to a new place without being freshmen, so i'm afraid we'd form a clique of our own, because it's just easier...also living so far away from the rest of the campus)? <em>how's the workload?</em> what meal plan do you recommend? approximate girls to guys ratio? just anything that comes to mind as useful for students like myself to know. thanks! help's much appreciated.</p>

<p>Hey quick question. Have you recieved any correspondence from Columbia re registration, housing etc. after the acceptance letter?

<p>no, nothing really. but it's only mid-june ;) btw, do they want us there on August 31?</p>

<p>Yup, thats when orientation starts.</p>