Combined programs with guaranteed admission

Hi! What combined programs (BS/MD or BS/DO) do NOT require to take MCAT later and just have certain college GPA as a requirement for matriculation? Interested in those that a high schooler is eligible to apply to. I see that most of them have MCAT minimum requirement.
To start the list: * LECOM.
I am sure there are more. Can you please share?

Are you scared of MCAT ? Do some googling yourself.

I saw some lists online, but when I google the particular program up, I still see MCAT requirement. So, I wanted to get this information from people on the forum, that know for a fact that the program may waive MCAT.

Are you a NJ residence ? There is a Global Health related BSMD for in-state Presidential candidates by invitation for RWJ medical school with no MCAT.

If there is MCAT requirement mentioned, it will not be waived.

Thank you for your reply.
We are not in NJ.

So, is anybody aware of combined programs with no MCAT requirements?

I am currently in Union/AMC with no MCAT requirement. If you have more questions feel free to ask me.

Thank you for your reply!
You are in this program, correct?
Early Assurance Program with Albany Medical College | Union College

Looks like you need to apply as a college sophomore - not as a HS senior?

I think Case Western doesn’t require MCAT either as do other feeders of AMC (you need to pick only one feeder though). Also Upstate and UMKC don’t need I believe.

On a side note, the MCAT requirements of many of these programs are very modest. For example Penn State’s is somewhere in 60 th percentile score to be achieved (even as most of the students in the program are capable of easily scoring 90+% ile with minimal effort). NJMS has a requirement of MCAT but doesn’t specify any minimum thresholds to be achieved. Something to think about. Getting into these programs is ultra competitive though.

Thank you for your input! Some programs require 80th percentile, some 50th… Not having to take MCAT seems to be more reassuring - when it comes to requirements to matriculate to medical school. If takes some stress off and allows to concentrate more on college classes and not worry about the major test.

Add Brown to the above list with no MCAT requirement (but very slim chances for ORM/Asian candidates of getting into)

It is probably the most competitive out of all of them…

Hey, I would like to talk to you about the Union/AMC prog. I am not sue if I should be applying to Siena or Union. I am an upcoming senior at Westford Academy, MA. Would you have time for a phone call or chat some time in the next few weeks?