Combo Airfryer/Toaster Oven

Does anyone have the combo oven? I know there is a thread on air fryers, but Im specifically asking about fryer/toaster oven combos.

I finally have a nice, spacious kitchen with plenty of counterspace, so I was thinking about purchasing one.

Any suggestions, reviews??

I researched this about a year ago and decided against it for two reasons - I have a very small kitchen with almost no counter space and here in Florida we do just about anything to avoid heating the kitchen up. But if I had a large kitchen with plenty of space and lived somewhere that I didn’t mind warming up, I’d get one of the Breville toaster oven/airfryers in a heartbeat. They get great reviews and are the best at the air frying. But again, they get very hot outside (in reviews people talked about being afraid to set it too close to anything or set anything on top for fear it would catch fire.)

I have a Breville and I love it. This is similar to the one I have:

I can’t think of the last time I used my “big” oven. Food cooks quickly. Toasts, air fryer, settings for baking, broil, bagels, pizza, it will dehydrate fruits, etc. - proofs dough for bread - I’m so happy we got one. I have not noticed the problem with the exterior overheating or the space getting too warm. My kitchen is small with limited counter space, but I use this more than any other piece of kitchen equipment.

I was looking at the one recommended by Wirecutter, the Cuisinart Chef’s convection toaster oven. They claim it’s the best air fryer. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.

@partyof5 I recently got the Breville Smart Oven Air Fry.

So far, happy with it. Have only air fried sweet potato fries…yummy! I do like the oven…the toast function is not as fast as our regular toaster, per DH. I did get the cutting board for the top of oven…and yes, the exterior does get hot. But I do not feel it warms up the room.

My daughter has one and loves it. Uses it all the time. I bought a cheap one but found that I liked the counter space more than the appliance. Too big to put away.