Comcast Out, Free HD Cable In!

<p>I don't know if I'd say in the South per se, but it is in Nashville since it's the home of the Predators. We have partial season tickets and DH is a huge hockey fan since he grew up watching the Rangers. </p>

<p>I know that UA has a club hockey team but they play in the Birmingham area.</p>

<p>Hockey seems to be becoming popular in AL, but hasn't yet reached the levels of other areas. UA does have a hockey team <a href=""&gt;;/a> that practices in the Birmingham area, but I don't know of any professional hockey teams in AL (there are NHL teams in TN, GA, NC, and FL though). In the future, I could see people in AL really liking hockey, but the infrastructure needs to be there. I know that in WA, we've had hockey teams since at least the 70's, but due to much expansion in the last decade, hockey has become probably the 3rd most popular sport (football and baseball being the most popular).</p>

<p>more popular than basketball? ;)</p>

<p>With the Grizzlies and the SuperSonics gone and only the Trail Blazers and Storm (WNBA) remaining, basketball isn't as popular as it once was here.</p>

It is interesting to note that while Bravo and other stations were added, the Hallmark Channel is gone.


<p>The Hallmark Channel goes out at UA, Al Jazeera comes in. Who'd a thunk it? I hear Dylan welling up in the background: " . . . for the times, they are a-changing."</p>

<p>Actually it makes sense about Al Jazeera if you think about it. If we're educating our kids to be leaders in the global community, having access to networks that represent the more troublesome (and that's not really the right work, so don't flame me; I haven't had caffeine yet!) areas of the world should be a good window for insight and clarification. I could see some of the political science/history type classes possibly using Al Jazeera to supplement classroom work.</p>

<p>My 80 year old mom would be seriously bumming about Hallmark. I'm guessing this change affects the retirement community over by the Rec Center too.</p>

<p>^Darn!! that may make me reconsider my master plan to have both sons settle in the south and DH and I move into the retirement center and audit all the fantastic UA courses!</p>

<p>Please don't misread my tongue-in-cheek responses about Al Jazeera. I think exposure to multiple points of view is essential to education. I was applauding UA, not criticizing.</p>

<p>Oh, I absolutely didn't read it that way Malanai! No worries here :)</p>

<p>^^^Never doubted you, Rob. Just thought I better put out an APB, lest anything be misconstrued. :)</p>

<p>Thanks for the info. DH was surprised we hadn't arranged the cable before (oops) so it was on list for first thing Monday. DS leaves me text that RA mentioned a new provider but didn't have particulars. Nice to know where to go for further details.</p>

<p>do you guys have to pay extra for the tv service? a lot of colleges require students to buy the package(s) themselves...</p>

<p>TV service is included as are local and toll-free calls if your dorm has landline telephone service in the rooms (the Ridgecrests do not). In the honors dorms, the only things that are not included in your rate are laundry, cleaning supplies (you clean your suite, cleaning staff clean the common areas shared by multiple suites like the entryway and the TV rooms,) and food/drinks from the vending machines.</p>

<p>Thought I'd give a heads up on the cable situation: the comcast coverter boxes were still in the rooms in Ds suite yesterday. DH was trying to hook the TV up and having trouble with something (honestly, I was doing something else & wasn't paying attention.) A gentleman came into the suite for one of Ds roommates & I heard him saying something about the boxes going away. I had DH talk to the guy after he was done talking to the roommate.</p>

<p>So the new company is going to be hooking things up; was very vague about "when." I think D had to drop the comcast box off downstairs at the desk. </p>

<p>This might be the least helpful post I've ever written!</p>

<p>Woohoo!!! Goodbye Comcast!!!! This sounds like a much better deal, though I too shall mourn the lack of access to the Hallmark channel. I sometimes enjoyed mocking and laughing at their often trite made-for-tv movies.</p>

<p>the comcast box was in DD's living area, but not in the bedroom.</p>

<p>we just hooked the cable to the back of the tv, ran the cable setup operation, and everything worked perfectly.</p>

<p>Thanks Mike. D's roommate couldn't get hers to set up which is why someone stopped by in the first place. Which dorm is your D in?</p>

<p>Spoke to Shirley Darr (Housing) today. The dorms are being converted to a University system, with plenty of stations (she said they're listed in the auxiliary services section of the website). She had a listing of when each building is supposed to be switched, so I was able to send DS a text to check his (today for Riverside West).</p>

<p>ridgecrest south north</p>

<p>FYI, just heard from D that cable is now working in Ridgecrest West.</p>