Comcast Out, Free HD Cable In!

<p>Tried to upgrade son's cable package to HD at the Comcast store and they told us they no loner have the UA contract. So I called housing, who said a new provider is now on board and HD with four HBO channels, the NFL Network, the NHL Network, all the other channels you would expect, and (I kid you not, Al Jazeera) is being provided free of charge. The new cable boxes are being installed as we speak.</p>

<p>^^^Sorry for the typo above, I was typing on a BlackBerry. Here's a link to the new TV lineup: Cable</a> Television Service Problems</p>

<p>The person to contact at UA if you have any questions about this is Carol Lollar-Boshell (<a href=""></a>). Her phone number is 205-348-5799.</p>

<p>wow - great for the info malani</p>

<p>That's pretty sweet. So long, Comcrap!</p>

<p>It just keeps getting better and better!</p>

<p>^^^Yes, it does, AL34, though we're a little disappointed that 24 hour concierge service has still not been approved for the dorms. :)</p>

<p>And speaking of TV, an ESPN camera crew was filming a piece at Dreamland today, where we had lunch. It was a fine complement to this morning's USA Today front page, listing Bama as #1 in their pre-season college football poll.</p>

<p>What did you think of Dreamland Malanai?</p>

<p>Al Jazeera English is not that bad...not as good as BBC, but better than RT...who is the cable provider? Is it satellite?...cause there's the 101 network...</p>

<p>Y'know what would really be awesome is if the boxes included DVR. Student rarely have time to watch television shows at the anointed times set by the networks, which is why they have to go to internet to watch shows, whether from the officials providers like Hulu or the less-than-official ones, which I won't mention here.</p>

<p>This is really good news. I am very pleased with the new lineup and am now considering getting some kind of TV. It is interesting to note that while Bravo and other stations were added, the Hallmark Channel is gone.</p>

<p>^ Probably bc no one under 50 watches that channel, except for the Golden Girls reruns. ;)</p>

<p>^It's a popular show. :)</p>

<p>I have watched Touched by an Angel reruns on Hallmark before. Nothing beats Monica/Tess having light shine on their heads as they are saying, "I'm an angel sent by God."</p>

<p>Otherwise, I'm very excited about this new development.</p>

<p>imagine if the hallmark channel tried to go "hip"...;)</p>

What did you think of Dreamland Malanai?


<p>We ate there twice in February and then again today. Love it, as does my wife, who tried it for the first time this afternoon.</p>

<p>On a related note, we had dinner this evening at Epiphany. Excellent food, farm fresh, creative cuisine. We are loving Tuscaloosa.</p>

<p>And hey, feenotype, we're with you on the DVR. We'll see what we can find in that department. Best Buy only had TiVo and it was pricey ($299 for the box plus $11.95/month).</p>

<p>yeah, my DD is going to miss three things.</p>

<p>our puppy
home cooking
and DVR!!!</p>

<p>: )</p>

<p>feenotype, if your laptop has a tv tuner, you can use the media center on it to record shows...of course, you would probably would prefer Mythbuntu (MythTV) if you're comfortable with installing another OS...the only thing you need to get is maybe a stand alone monitor if your tv doesnt support the computer connection</p>

<p>I know someone who's going to be really happy when I tell her she'll get the NHL Network; if only she were in the same room with me, but no; she's labeling the boxes for tomorrow :)</p>

<p>thanks for letting us know!</p>

<p>The reaction I got was "I have the NHL channel? It's like Christmas!"</p>

<p>is hockey popular in the south?</p>