Comeback transfer, looking for YOUR help!

<p>Hey everyone,</p>

<p>After a lackluster first semester of freshman year thanks to the college adjustment, I'm finally looking to transfer to the University of Southern California, Georgetown University, or Boston College. I am currently in the honors program at a Jesuit university in the West studying business.</p>

<p>State: CA
Hook: First gen college
HS GPA: 3.8, SAT: 1490/2220
HS ECs: Young Democrats chair, involved in Dems on a state level, editor of school newspaper, school president</p>

ECs: On executive board for student government and College Dems, write for school paper.</p>

<p>First Semester, freshman year: (2.85 GPA)
Honors Math: C-
Honors Macro: B
Philosophy: B+
Composition: A-
Spanish: W </p>

<p>Second Semester, freshman year (4.0 GPA)
Theology: A
English Literature: A
Honors Microeconomics: A
Honors Business Intro: A
Urbanism: A</p>

<p>First Semester, sophomore year (4.0 GPA)
Honors Statistics: A
Honors Business History: A
Philosophy II: A
Theology II: A
Accounting Intro: A</p>

<p>How do my chances look and what can I do to improve them? My cumulative college GPA is a 3.649, and with summer classes taken at my university is a 3.7. I am looking to transfer into the college/arts and sciences programs at USC, G'Town, or BC to study political science instead of business, as it is much more attuned to my genuine interests.</p>

<p>Your chances don't look too good for Georgetown. You should be in for USC if you can get all A's in your spring semester and have the necessary good essays/recs/etc. Being in honors or not doesn't really affect your chances too much.</p>

<p>Tidbit: I go to Georgetown, and the class of 2015 is overfull (by at least 40 students). Transferring to Georgetown this year might be a bit harder than in years past.</p>

<p>Otherwise.... I'm not sure, bro :/
I will say that it seems like a lot of people transfer from lesser-known Catholic schools (Fairfield, Villanova)</p>