comic essay

<p>Is anyone doing an illustrated essay a comic or graphic novel type story?</p>

<p>awesome idea</p>

<p>Whoa, I had never even thought of that, but if someone has the deication for that, it's amazing then.</p>

<p>i saw one featured (for some college, dont remember which) in one of those books of good college essays. it was completely boring and cliche "romanticizing the application process" sorta stuff, with superheroes and spies or something, which ruined the creativity of the whole idea.</p>

<p>needless to say... don't do THAT. (i know this is really helpful advice ;))</p>

<p>Heh, I've already been accepted, and I don't have the artistic ability to do anything like that. thus, I would be duly impressed if someone did it with pizzazz (how many damn z's are in that word) and creativity.</p>

<p>Man, I wish I had one more app left where I could do that. My biggest non-Chicago risk essay (well, at Chicago, nothing really is a risk...since risk is the norm) was Johns Hopkins, when I said that birth control was what led me to intellectual curiosity and to decide to study poli sci and mathematics. I drew a chart thingy.</p>

<p>I started one but didn't finish since I went on vacation... I was planing to work on it then, but well... I'm a horrible procrasinator, which is why I'll be staying up tonight. The short graphic novel wasn't for chicago though ^^;</p>

<p>Christine123- You've piqued my interest. Care to explain further?
Also, I am obsessed with diagrams- I didn't use one for my application because I have no backbone, but whenever I write an essay or something, I have to diagram my ideas. I have a diagram that represents my idea of the progression of society... wierd, huh?
I finished my chicago ea essay a little after midnight on December 1st.</p>

<p>i must go soon (school tomorrow), but i'll begin with the first sentence: In 1878, Aletta Jacobs opened the world's first birth control clinic in Amsterdam.
More later.</p>