Comments about off-topic posts in another thread

Thank you for reposting. Since each post is not labeled with a number anymore, it was more trouble than it was worth to hunt it down (and moving the slider brought me to someone else’s post).


What the heck is going on? Sheesh, grown people expressing their opinions being quashed for no reason?


3 minutes!


Perhaps a very “vaccine reluctant” person?


Folks, posts are not just flagged for being in violation of TOS. They can be flagged for being off topic. Here are the options that appear when posts are flagged.

I started a thread to address Mike’s post in the CC community forum. Hopefully that’s the right spot.

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What’s the name of your thread?


I’d like to point out that with a “we’re closing this thread” with an hourly countdown that none of these posts were “off topic” nor inappropriate. It was a peaceful protest in favor of some sanity. None of the reasons given except for length were acceptable to those in an active conversation. Just roll 1K threads over to a part 2 or 3 or 4.

Spend some time deleting pinned posts from 10 years ago that are a huge turn off for anyone tuning into CC rather than canceling active threads. Start with the Visual Arts forum–the pinned posts are 11 years old. Hardly new info.


Yes, I think they are in the process of closing old threads. There are hundreds of thousands of old threads to close. I think it happens in stages behind the scenes.

You can send ccadminMike a message if you want to discuss the closure of threads, or refer to the thread linked above, by @momofboiler1 .

The posts moved here were not on topic. The topic was vaccine reluctance. Until such time that off-topic is eliminated as an option, off-topic posts can continue to be flagged. The off-topic option is not a decision any moderator has power over.

I didn’t say close old threads. I said delete the pinned posts at the top of your forums that are so outdated that anyone would wonder the last time anyone visited that forum.


Please flag any threads you are referring to for review. Thanks!

I already did.

I will message you.

I appreciate that Mike gave us a heads up that the vaccine post was going to be closed out but it seems crazy to me to not allow people to respond to his post in thread. IMO, it was relevant because it meant silencing the discussion.

And now we have two threads in the community forum on the same topic and the search engine on CC is still not working well so it’s hard for people to find.

I thought there was going to be a move to stop heavy handed moderation on the cafe?


no need.

Whew! Seems like you all started the party before I got online.

Thanks for all the comments - it is helpful for me to review them here instead of the vaccine thread. I’ll read through and comment today.


It’s just standard nowadays (well really for a long time now) on most forums and social media… anonymous users get “offended” at everything and report stuff rather than just moving to a different topic, because they feel that everyone else needs to cater them them rather than the other way around.


The other forum I’m on, using the same platform, does not have “off topic” as a valid reason for flagging:

We used to have a name for those people but it’s been banned.