Comments on the College Interview

<p>What kind of questions should you ask in an interview? Am thinking about applying to an Ivy and need help.</p>

<p>Hi ghOst33,
It's me again. Guess we're all going through the same angst about the college process. We have a great college counselor at our school who provided us with a list of questions to ask on interviews. I'll share some of the best (imho)...</p>

<p>How accessible are the faculty members?
Are courses taught by faculty members or graduate students?
What is the average introductory class size? Freshman class size?
When must a major be declared?
Are internships available?
Are there co-op programs available with business/industry? Which companies participate?
Is there an honors program?
Are there student advisors?
Are the residence halls hard wired to access the mainframe computers?
What are some of the companies that actively recruit on campus?
Is on-campus housing required for freshmen?
How many students are housed per room?
What percentage of students are members of fraternities/sororities?
Are fraternities/sororities important to social life?
Are the athletic facilities (pool etc.) available to regular students or reserved for athletes?
Does the campus offer shuttle services to downtown areas?</p>

<p>A lot of the other questions have to do with campus safety, drop out rate, probation and other things that I think might give a bad impression if asked. </p>

<p>I've already had one interview. I think having a few questions to ask gives the appearance of interest.</p>

<p>I agree with Conundrum, but I would like to add a few suggestions:</p>

<li><p>If you ask a question, appear to care about their answer. Don't look bored. Also, ask for specifics. Thus, if you ask, "How accessible are the faculty," follow up with spedificity of times if they don't give you that information</p></li>
<li><p>Do NOT ask questions that are readily answered on their web site! This shows that you are either too lazy or didn't research the college. Many of Conundrum's questions are answered on most college web sites.</p></li>
<li><p>Some additional questions if they aren't obvious:</p></li>

<p>a. How available is parking during the year?
b. What are you crime statistics here?
c. Are duel majors allowed or even encouraged?
d. Is the faculty emphasis on teaching or research?
e. What is registration like? How many students can't get their required courses in time for a normal 4 year graduation?
f. How much is the university endowment?
g. With regard to your prospective major, is it ranking anywhere and what is ranking?
h. How wired is the campus and the dorms?
i. Where is the cafeteria where we can sample the food?
j. What do the students do here for fun? Is there a movie theater or can you rent videos on campus?
K. Do I need a computer and printer? If so, what kind for major?</p>

<p>Virtually all of conundrum's questions are answered on colleges' web sites. As a result, asking those kind of questions would make you seem lazy.</p>

<p>If one is being interviewed by an alumni interviewer, some of taxguy's questions aren't likely to be ones that an alumni interviwer can answer. For instsance, "Can you rent videos on campus? "What is registration like?" "How available is parking" are questions that many alum who have been out of college for years aren't likely to know the answers to. Some of those would be excellent questions to ask current students. One can find such students on websites. The admissions office also could probably connect you with some.</p>

<p>So, what questions would you recommend, Northstarmom?</p>

<p>actually i never asked any of the "typical" college interview questions... :P</p>