Commissions limited to 1000 each year?

<p>I’ve heard that only 1000 Academy grads can receive commissions after graduation… if a graduating class has more than 1000, what happens to the rest? (Here’s your diploma, have a nice life?)</p>

<p>I think that is a rumor mill. Remember there are kids that will be commissioned from ROTC and OTS.</p>

<p>Maybe what you are doing is confusing it with the fact that @1K graduate from the AFA. Every U.S. citizen (they have foreign students) AFA grad will be commissioned into the USAF. All AFA grads no longer receive a full commission, they receive the same commission as ROTC or OTS ---I believe full commissions now occur at 7 yrs</p>

<p>Actually, I think that now, ROTC and OTS receive the same regular commission as USAFA grads whereas it used to be that only the Acad. grads received the regular commissions right away. </p>

<p>What I heard about commissions from the USAFA was that some federal charter limits the number to 1000 and any grads over 1000 are offered the chance to walk away without a service commitment. Could be a rumour, you're right - lots of those going around! Thanks for the reply- I knew I could count on you... you're always so helpful and informative!</p>

<p>what's the difference between a full commission and a regular commission? never heard of that before</p>

<p>Back many many moons ago, AFA grads got a full/regular commision when they graduated...this meant that if there was a RIF (Reduction In Forces) they were safe. One of the driving points to go to the AFA. ROTC and OTS got an active duty reserve commission and were not safe from a RIF. Now all AFA, ROTC and OTS have the same commission. At the 7 yr (I think) marker you then get a full commission. Think of it like tenure for teachers.</p>