Committed to Clark

I took D to Admitted Student day and the special preview day for Traina scholarship awardees. She signed up early to get an overnight stay in the dorms too. Since it was on a weekend, host took her to a student poetry slam which she thoroughly enjoyed. Both days were filled with great programs and talks given by staff and students. We were so impressed that we paid our deposit that day.

What overwhelming came across from every student testimonial and faculty talk was the passion and drive to use your college education to make a difference. Clark University plays a huge role in being the catalyst to revitalize and improve the city around it. Being active in the community offers so many opportunities for research and learning. Clark does break the staid mold of “Go to College, memorize a few facts, get a job, move on…”

We were there Saturday for the Traina scholarship preview (couldn’t make it Sunday), and S made his decision as well. I’m excited for our Clark kids! :slight_smile:

On Sunday they had a very informative session from the Financial Aid folks, mock classes on various topics and tours all around, sessions on special programs like study abroad… While kids went to the mock classes, parents had sessions geared for parents such as a faculty panel discussion which I got a good sense of how that FYI first year intensive course establishes their relationship with advisors from the start. There are tremendous opportunities to get involved in research projects as a freshman. The Provost said they hire professors that want to engage with students and teach. It was refreshing to hear that.

I am excited for everyone that is going to Clark. Good luck to all.